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Mandatory human rights due diligence for business

Towards EU Legislation on Human Rights Due Diligence Case Study of the Garment and Textile Sector May 2017 Overview: The clinic received a request for legal advice from the European Coalition for Corporate Justice (ECCJ) on the options for introducing mandatory human rights due diligence requirements at the EU level. The clinic’s study assesses the legal feasibility of a EU instrument that would impose mandatory human rights due diligence (“HRDD”) requirements on companies in the garment and textile sector (the “Garment Proposal”). The Garment Proposal serves as an example of a sector-specific approach to HRDD [...]

Extending Freedom of Panorama in Europe

The EU Public Interest Clinic and Wikimedia present: Extending Freedom of Panorama in Europe April 2015 Abstract The following paper advocates for the adoption of freedom of panorama in the European Union. The term “freedom of panorama” (FoP) refers to an unconditional copyright exception vis-à-vis works of architecture and sculpture placed permanently in public places. The current lack of uniformity with respect to copyright exceptions at the EU level has proven problematic to end-users, service providers and other intermediaries. It has also frustrated the ultimate goal of promoting a single internal market throughout [...]

Eliminating Airline ‘No-Show Clauses’ in the EU

The EU Public Interest Clinic and Access Info Europe Present: Eliminating Airline 'No-Show Clauses' in the EU May 1, 2015 Abstract: The following paper, prepared by the HEC-NYU EU Public Interest Clinic for BEUC (the European consumers organization), advocates for the elimination of so-called “no-show clauses” throughout the European Union. No-show clauses operate by permitting airlines to cancel reservations of passengers who have missed either: (a) the first leg of a multi-leg itinerary; or (b) the outbound flight of a round-trip itinerary. These controversial no-show clauses have long been a staple of sales [...]

Judicial transparency at the CJEU

Judicial transparency at the CJEU: A Complaint to the European Ombudsman Regarding Judicial Transparency June 06, 2015 Abstract: This complaint relates to the denial, dated 14 April 2014, by the Council of the European Union of a 21 January 2014 access to documents request (by the HEC-NYU EU Public Interest Clinic). By its denial, the Council refused to disclose to us any documents in its possession (redacted or otherwise) prepared by the panel provided for under Article 255 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union which is charged with reviewing [...]